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Tips to Hire Node.Js and React.Js Developers in 2020

Over the last few years, hiring developers (especially for Node.JS and React.Js) has become exceptionally difficult. As an entrepreneur, you must know that most of your company's growth depends on the people you hire. If you hire a ReactJS developer for your project who is impotent in developing a project, how do you think it will affect your project development? Whereas, on the other hand, if you hire a NodeJS developer for your Node project, who is very competent with the technology and is well aware of the things one has to do. The developer would have a positive impact on your app.

So, Simply, the growth of your company depends on your project. And the growth of your project depends on your developer's abilities.

However, to hire a React.JS developer or a Node.JS developer for your project has become really hard, and is expected to keep getting harder.

Is it hard to Hire a React.JS or Node.js Developer?

There are two significant reasons that make the hiring task even more complicated:

Everyone uses JavaScript

JavaScript frameworks like React JS and Node JS are some remarkable technologies used by many famous companies like Airbnb, Uber, Walmart, Netflix, ext. The top Fortune 500 businesses all majorly use these technologies.

The backend of almost all applications is developed using React JS and Node JS.

You may call JavaScript a hype-driven development language, but in many cases, it makes sense since the technology gives you an edge over all your competitors.

You get:

  • 1) Code Reusability
  • 2) One code, different platforms with React Native
  • 3) You can enhance desktop platforms with Electron (JS Framework), hardware and web with NodeJS, and mobile platforms with React Native. So it is actually one solution for all your technological needs.

Hiring The Right One Is Simply Tough

You may have tons of experience with hiring people. But when it comes to hiring a NodeJS developer or hiring React JS developer, it is not a cakewalk. You should also know the skills related to your project so that you can ask the right questions and identify which answer is correct.

Also, you should be really humble while you hire a developer for yourself, make sure that the developer just doesn't match the requirements of your project but also the vibe of your workplace. They must be a team player and have your development on their minds.

There are majorly three types of people you should be able to differentiate between, and then hire the right one. They are segregated into three squares of a picture:

Bottom-left Square:

It consists of unskilled workers, who are not efficient at working with teams. Watch out for those. Do not end up hiring the wrong person for your project. It will majorly hamper your project growth.?

Upper-Right Square:

It consists of high-skilled individuals who can bloom your business. But it isn't easy to find them since their early employee doesn't want to relieve them. Or they already have made future agreements with one employer.

It would be best if you found a developer who fits in this category. They are expert individuals with the capacity to build a dynamic and smart project.

Bottom-Right Square:

This group consists of those individuals who are considered to be the creme layer of developers. They are what the companies call a "pure talent."

They are fast learners and understand your company's demographics and way of functioning in a limited time. They will learn and give outputs twice as much as a regular employee will.

If you can hire ReactJS programmers or Hire Node JS developers from the creme layer of developers in the market, then what could be better than that?

Now let's move forward and look at the aspects you need to keep in mind before you hire a React.JS developer or Hire a NodeJS Developer:

Although each process in project development is complex, hiring is the most complex one. You have to get everything right; everything must fall into the right place. Each developer you hire must be the one you actually were looking for.

So, there are some essential steps to follow to structuralize your hiring funnel.

Node Js Hire

Step 1: Screening of Candidates:

This stage is where you fill the pipeline of potential candidates.

Where to give attention to:

  • Work experience and knowledge for the position
  • Interest and passion for the technology

Step 2: Test the Technical skills of the candidate:

You must verify if the candidate is actually interested in working with your company on your project. For this, you can provide a task of maybe one hour to test the skills of the developer. And if s/he is capable of completing the job in the given time frame with maintaining the quality.

Step 3: Interview:

Rigorous interviews and question-answer rounds is a significant step in hiring the right developer for yourself. Ask questions related to your project needs, and see if the developer can provide proper information to you.

You should check:

  • Technical skills of the developer
  • Soft skills like communication, Teamwork, language fluency, etc.
  • If s/he is culture fit and would be able to adapt to your organizational needs.

Step 4: Hired or Not Hired:

If you decide to hire the NodeJS developer or not hire the React.JS developer, you must still call and inform in both cases. Give the good news or the bad news but do not keep them hanging, waiting for your rejection or selection.

If you choose to hire them, right, if not, provide feedback.

Hiring is not really that difficult if you find the right platform to choose your developers from.

Many online portals allow you to hire refined individuals directly from them and start working with your project.

You can get rid of the whole hectic hiring process, and start directly with the last step of the hiring funnel because the company has already done it for you.

So you can now hire a NodeJS developer, or Hire a React JS programmer from an organization that has completed the refining and evaluation of the developers and is offering the creme layer for others to hire.

Be smart, choose the efficient and short way.

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