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Mobile Apps For Small Business Owners

Digital media plays an important role in today's high-tech world. Most small business owners, however, still feel that making a website or Facebook page is enough to draw customers and get in touch with them, and that is just not true. Mobile business apps, regardless of the size of their sectors, have become a required marketing tool for all businesses. Today, most consumers expect a company or brand to have a dedicated mobile app. Although many business owners may think that designing and creating an app is too costly or an unnecessary expense, a mobile app for business may potentially help get involved with customers and grow its customer base, boost sales and increase its market credibility. You can create loyalty and brand awareness amongst a large number of existing and potential customers with mobile apps developed for various mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, and others.

only becoming a necessity to achieve a competitive advantage over other businesses but is also becoming a necessity to avoid falling behind the competition. Keeping in mind the value of mobile apps in today's society, it is only sensible to build one for your business. There are developers in almost every nation of this world who can perform this task of mobile app development for every small business. There are app development companies in Vancouver who will develop mobile apps for any kind of mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, or even both. App developers in Vancouver also use tools like Flutter to develop mobile apps for small businesses so that the clients do not have to pay double the amount and the developers do not have to develop twice.

Mobile App vs. Mobile Site

A mobile app is software downloaded to a mobile device that resides on that device, making it readily available, and providing a certain audience with some kind of entertainment, shopping or customer service. A mobile website is designed and built in such a way that the interface adjusts automatically to improve user-friendliness and navigation, depending on the device used to access the website. While the majority of people spend time on mobile devices on applications, most smartphone users regularly download new applications that they find useful or interesting.

Why You Dhould Develop a Mobile App for Business:

1. The world is turning mobile

mobile app for business

There's no denying the fact that the world is going mobile and there is no going back. Customers use their smartphones for locating nearby businesses. Your branding efforts online are most viewed through mobile channels. Having just a website for your business is no longer enough. Users are turning away from web browsers and depending on mobile applications. Unlike conventional websites that clutter your mobile device, apps prosper as a natural option for browsing and purchasing.

2. Growth in sales

mobile app development for small business

Mobile apps are a new means through which you can boost your company’s revenue. Depending on how big the market is, that may be quite a substantial increase. You can inspire customers to buy from you with discounts and bonus push notifications. You can straightaway contact the customers who have installed the app.

Another benefit of having an app is the ability to make mobile payments which are becoming increasingly popular. People don't want to waste time shopping anymore, since they can do the same at home with a smartphone.

3. It acts as a social platform

mobile app for small business

This goes without saying that people are fascinated with social media. Integrating social features in your app such as likes, comments, in-app messaging, and so on will help boost your social status. Users spend a lot of time on social media, therefore, having a mobile app that offers them all the functionality they get on social media means they're going to invest more time on your app. In this way, users can also share, discuss, or review products.

4. Increased visibility

mobile app development business

On average, a person spends about 2 hours 42 minutes on their smartphone every day. However, only a few applications are used in this time period. But to even open those applications, one has to unlock their mobile device and scroll through applications for finding the right app. It is scientifically known that our brain records every image and text we see unconsciously. Just having your app in the way of scrolling will help improve your business visibility and growth.

5. Capture data in real time

mobile apps for small business owners

A mobile app saves you from the sluggish process of data collection and analysis. It is easy to capture information about consumer preferences and behavior on your app. This knowledge can be used to provide customized content specific to individual users and to determine how to better the app on the basis of how the customers use it.

6. Increase interest of customers

mobile app development business plan

Creating an application offers a simple way to introduce your products and services to your current and potential customers. They can simply use it as a one-stop point to get all the required information every time they want to buy something. And you can inform them whenever you update the content, so they can get a preview of the latest products or services that you have to offer. It encourages and tempts consumers to frequently check out your app.

7. Younger audience

mobile apps for small business owners

Today, approximately 75 percent of the millennial generation have smartphones. Outdated strategies are harder to reach the younger generation. While they may have access to a conventional PC, young people prefer to rely on their mobile devices. Smartphones have become the latest means to chat online with friends, shop and purchase goods and services.

8. Convenience for consumers

mobile app for business cards

Mobile apps are easier to use compared with websites as they are built with primary emphasis on usability. Apps were, in fact, mostly designed for providing the next level of usability to customers. The advantages are much greater when businesses plan to create a custom mobile app that offers more flexibility and can meet customer requirements.

9. Competitive edge

mobile app development business

Not all businesses leverage their own websites' potential to the fullest, let alone their mobile apps. Many businesses do not even have them since they consider them as unnecessary for some reason. Competition is still small in this area and this should certainly be taken advantage of. In today's competitive environment, you must take as many chances as possible to increase brand awareness.

10. Improved customer service

mobile app development

Customer service is an integral part of a business. The days are long gone of a smiling salesman solving all the consumer problems. Mobile apps provide next level customer service as more than a billion people have a smartphone within their arm’s reach at all times.


Businesses have appreciated the significance of mobile devices in drawing new customers. But most small companies can either afford a mobile app or a mobile website. Both serve their own respective purpose but business owners are known to prefer an app over a website. There are a number of benefits of creating a mobile app over a website including better social networking, personalization, push notifications, and customer loyalty.

A mobile application won’t save your business but will make it ready for the future. It will also allow you to secure a strong presence in the market. Although there are numerous advantages of having a mobile application, creating a mobile app isn’t as easy as creating a mobile website. You must have detailed knowledge of different programming languages and platforms and should hire skilled and experienced professionals. The main thing to bear in mind while developing an app is that it must solve specific issues and should influence the development of the company. With this in mind, it is worthwhile to invest in mobile app development for every business, whether big or small.

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