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What Makes Android the First Choice as a Mobile App Platform

Android has been the world’s most popular mobile app platform for years. The platform is recognized for bringing Google and extensive internet access to smart devices like smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Through the process, it has been capable of transforming the way of communication among people with interactive tools and features. As per an assertion made by Google in 2019, Android is the world’s most used mobile app platform with about 2.5 billion active devices using the operating system.

Android is an open mobile app platform that is used in our homes, offices, wearables, cars, television and lots of other technologically revolutionary devices. With a large user base, the platform is experiencing increased growth with an open marketplace to distribute the newly launched apps to the users.

Java is considered the parent technology for Android, thus developers can utilize extensive Java resources to create robust apps running on a wide range of devices. With Android, developers can utilize an in-house development approach to develop and launch apps that can lead to better utilization of funds, resources, greater time-efficiency, and efforts.

Here we shall list some important reasons to use Android for developing apps.

Large Volume of Customers

Large Volume of Customers

As per a report released in 2016, there are 90 billion Android apps downloaded which was far less than the 25 billion iOS apps downloaded in the same year. The reason why Android has a larger volume of customers than its competitors is the versatility and number of devices the platform is being utilized in. there are paid applications that generate higher profits for organizations with an expectation of more downloads and a greater reach of customers. Thus, it is considered a sensible thing that app development companies are focusing more on Android as a mobile app development platform.

High Potential In Terms of Innovation

Terms of Innovation

Google’s phenomena of innovation, creativity, and independence lie between the apps that it hosts through different stores or platforms. Android is an interesting and rich-featured mobile app development platform which is more flexible and compatible facilitating to engage new strategies to develop applications that add unmatched value to the lifestyle of app users.

Simplified Installation of Apps


Android apps can be downloaded from different sources, particularly including the most official source, Google Play Store. With the Google Play Store, applications can also be available and hosted a 3rd-party website. The Android app platform provides developers with a software development kit or SDK that facilitate them to install any particular application directly to the user’s device or by using the command line.

Easier Entry to Market

Easier Entry to Market

Since Android already has a large volume of users all across the world, it becomes easier for developers to let their app be developed entered into the market with no big efforts or complex processes. The developers create an Android Package Kit (APK) and get it submitted to the Android mobile application development platform. This is how Android apps are easily approved and deployed within a day. It is faster than any other competitor platforms of Android.

Least Development Cost

Development Cost

If you are planning to have a mobile application for your business that can increase the customer engagement of your business at a reduced price, you should go for Android without a second thought because Android is affordable, effective and efficient when it comes to the development. We are diminishing the significance of any other app development platforms, but demonstrating the larger significance and impacts of Android as a mobile app development platform for modern-age businesses.


In this blog, we emphasized the reasons to choose Android over its competitors as a mobile app development platform. We discussed the most crucial and significant factors a normal user look for when they are requiring a mobile application to fulfil the needs of their business. There are companies already doing well with their website but want to increase their presence in the industry-space and indulge in regular interaction with their customers. So we considered that as a primary criterion for this blog. Moreover, we want to suggest that you can choose an Android app development company that has the experience and expertise of working in different business environments and technologies.

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