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The Mobile App Design Process to Follow

In today’s era, business is changing direction and finding its way onto mobile phones rather than being restricted to traditional desktop computers. It is well known that a well-designed application can offer accessibility as well as versatility for any company. Mobile apps can be significantly used to target customers and streamline the processes. Starting from the corporate giants to the new startups, everywhere within the business ecosystem currently, there is a strong push for mobile-first. That’s the reason why you need to choose the best Mobile App Design Process among the rest.

Why Mobile Apps?

By the developing needs of modern consumers, mobile apps have turned out to be the right fit. In terms of time and internet data cost, there are mobile applications that can save the data as well as the valuable time of users who want to get the best value for money. Especially the Android Mobile App Design is in demand now and ruling the tech market as the users are going insane over it for a plethora of reasons. Whether it is educational, e-commerce, IT, transportation, healthcare, social networking, real estate almost in every field mobile applications has made its mark. As per ‘App Download and Usage Statistics’ over 179 billion mobile applications were downloaded every year which reflects the significant growth in the mobile app ecosystem, which is now one of the biggest industries on this planet.

In future the mobile applications development will change drastically, as smart and more enhanced coding techniques are shaping. There are some trends that will redefine the future of mobile app development. Wearable devices like on-body healthcare sensors, smart watches, display devices are one of the trendy gadgets that connected with smartphones will influence the next generation of mobile application development and its strategies. Apart from it IoT (Internet of Things) and mobile-connected smart home automation objects such as controllable power sockets, LED light bulbs, domestic appliances etc. will communicate through an App .

A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile App Design

Undoubtedly mobile apps are an excellent opportunity to hone your visual design skills. Though the entire development process isn’t the task of Goliath you cannot just fabricate a mobile app out of thin air. The overall process of mobile app development is mainly broken down into three concrete phases, namely:

  • Forethought
  • Wireframing/UX Design.
  • Visual Outline.

Having a weak app interface will not only prompt the users to uninstall it from their phones but can also cause a significant crisis to your business by reducing the number of potential customers. Like in any creative process, mobile app development has its particular peculiarities and features as well. The necessary steps of the Mobile App Design Process are as follows:

1. Anticipating the scope and setting the initial tasks

Setting the task and knowing the ranges for your app is going to be the foundation of your mobile app development process. The scope of mobile app designing is all about considering the target audience, visual features, technicalities that are included and by the business functionalities.

2. Estimation

This step comprises determining all the things along with the blood and sweat that you will be putting in the app. Before you start the development process, you have to estimate the objectives and goals of the app. Apart from this, definite phases and sub-phases and other business requirements are necessary to analyze. Moreover, understand the tasks that you need to accomplish and resources that you will be provided with, budget for the app and a proper schedule to invest time in the process.

3. Elaborate market research

People who ignore market research are a threat to their own business more than their rivals. More or less all you need to do is to fabricate a UX strategy based on Business Value, User needs and technical capabilities. In-depth market research can not only save you in the time of adversities but can also help you to secure a stable position in the market.

4. UX Wireframing

UX Wireframing is all about how the app will work and how the options are aligned, keeping in mind the convenience and ease of usability. Now, this can ease the login and log out the process for the users and everything associated with the surface of your app. You can scribble your wireframe on the paper or wherever you want but make sure that you make a good copy at last.

5. Making the prototype

The main goal behind creating the prototype is to test, make the solutions and decisions about the product. However, this will make sure that the app is efficient enough and will let you see and feel the app.

6. UI Design

Most people mistake UI design with prototyping or UX wireframing. The UI design is elementarily aimed at the overall looks and appearance of the app, while the UX design is necessarily about how the app functions. After you test and tweak the UX and make a considerable number of prototypes, you can move to UI designing.

7. Animation

Interface animation is exceptionally crucial, and this is why animation must be tested and applied along with UX and UI design phase for greater acceptance and smooth handling. Apart from all that remember that the animation is a functional element and not just a mere décor.

8. Software construction and app development

The purpose of this step is to fabricate a system that needs the support of the user, business and network. The architecture design may include frameworks, platforms, technologies, abstraction layers, components and design patterns. However, this is the phase where the developers start developing the app. After you have accomplished all these phases, the app can be launched, and it will be scalable aligning to the strategy.

9. Testing and Release

You cannot dissent from the fact that quality is never an accident; instead, it is a cumulative effect of consistent efforts. The testing process helps to find the bugs and terminate them before the app is bought to the actual users. The testing process includes manual and automated testing, automated script identification and modification, usability testing, performance testing, security and compliance testing and device testing. After all the testing work is done, the app is released in the market, keeping in mind the orders of the law of the constitution.

10. Updates

Last but not least, you also have to follow the app up-to-date and fix the bugs at regular intervals. Moreover, this is necessary to cope with the competition because thriving in the market is all about sustaining and getting acquainted with the changes that customers want in your business. Regular updates can not only make the user interface better but can also make the app fast enough to work for the customers.

The Bottom Line:

There are other things as well that you need to consider like you need to be careful with using the gestures in the UI, making navigation patterns distinguishable as far as possible and designing an accessible interface. Optimize content for mobile and create a splendid onboarding experience for the users, and they will be in absolute love with your fast and responsive app. As you can see, though the entire Mobile App Design process is not rocketed science, you have to work keeping in mind all the minute intricacies.

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