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What is the local SEO relation with voice search?

Voice search is an emerging trend in the world of searches. It certainly something that SEO must keep their eyes on. About 60% of smartphone users who used the voice search. Whether you are using it personally or not, it is already shaping the SEO future. So, let’s look down the voice searches relation with SEO.

What is voice search?

Voice searches describe as search you perform through your voice. These searches are conducted through your own voices. Instead of writing you manually type your search into browser of your phone or computer.

The top four voice assistant searches and the devices they are compatible with:

  • Apple siri: apple iphone, ipad and ipod.
  • Google assistant: google Home , pixel phone, android 6.0+ devices, IOS and android apps.
  • Microsoft cortana: windows 10, windows phone, xbox one, IOS and android apps
  • Amazon alexa: echo.

Let’s discuss about the relationship of voice search with local SEO

1) Search will become more important for semantic: Local Seo service basically, Google keep a look on past researchto deliver best results on what Google thinks the person is looking for. It is well-known as semantic search. Basically, by the time, Google is getting better and understanding what people asking and looking for.

Before the semantic search, searches are made on the above of sense on the keywords alone. By the time people are even more conversational with their searches. They start using the voice searches.

2) Content need to be caters for customers-in-tone and function:if, we speak about the content, then optimized content of era of voice search is also optimized for customers. We should engage well with our customers on social media and write reviews about your business. Ask your customers about the services and sales terms. Always use normal languages that your customer understand and use them accordingly.

Always remember that voice searches on mobile are more likely to be local. So, be sure to optimize content on your site for local branches.

3) Having a mobile-first site is non-negotiable: at this point, Google give you fare warning that they are about to move in mobile-first world. But, if you want to survive organically then, better to play along with it.

If your site doesn’t load quickly or looks bulky on mobile, then people start bouncing. If you keep your site at high bounce rate for too long then, your ranking will tank accordingly. Review your sites on mobile and make the improvements you can make to ease the user experience conveniently.

Having a mobile-friendly site is even more important when it comes to voice search. Voice searches got their start on mobile and more over half of people use voice searches nowadays.

4) The scramble for position zero via snippets will continue: a majority of voice searches are answered by the rich answer boxes that show at the top of the Google search results. Many of the rich boxes searches are interconnected with the public domain. On the other hand, featured snippets are pulled from any website on page one of the results. Even better, Google provides brands credit for these on both regular and voice search. Because you have only to make it to page one, instead of 1st position, featured snippets are more attainable. If you are already ranking on page one, you only need small tweaks, rather than completely overhauling your existing SEO strategy. Will Help You to make your content easy to read and understand for Google by framing the question in header tags and then answering it quickly.

5) Brand names will require to passes the radio test: when Google uses a information of website in a featured snippet then it shows the searcher where they pulled the information form, so they can click through should they want to find out additional information. It can drive the valuable organic traffic for website. It means that brands can take advantage from enhanced brand awareness. Although, Google reads out the website’s name, having a name of brand which is pronounceable may become more important for that awareness.

6) Directories will become more important for local businesses: customers don’t search for your local business but they search for the “best business”. Directory and review websites rule these searches so SEO’s required to be thinking of them as search engines in their own way. Having an optimized Google My Business listing is no longer opt-in. it is needed if you want to survive voice search. The same goes for Bing places for business on Microsoft devices. The listing will be completed with positive reviews, photos and responses. Review sites are not only important for ranking on best of searches. Encourage positive reviews and be smart about using keywords in your product descriptions. Finally, remember that your NAP should be consistent across all these different sites and platforms.

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