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Key Features and Cost Estimation of Ticket Booking App

Ticket booking applications have emerged as one of the most significant tools these days. They make booking tickets simpler, joyful, and progressively agreeable as though the entire world has come straightforwardly into our hands. With such applications, we can book nearly anything we wish for, surprisingly fast.

We can order medication, nourishment, and other important household services, or can also purchase things like books, lovely shoes, dresses, contraptions, and numerous others. We are likewise ready to get meetings with the best specialists over the world and book flights, vehicles, inns, and tickets for the most engaging occasions on the planet, for example, sports, motion pictures, plays, and music.

These should be possible from anyplace paying little heed to time Booking of tickets online has spared individuals’ efforts, money, and time. In contrast to the conventional booking application, the present innovation which utilizes both web and mobile applications don't expect individuals to venture out to the booking station.

Ongoing Trend of Ticket Booking App

Ticket Booking App Development

From upgrading the accommodation to dealing with the whole procedure, an event ticket booking application can help you to deal with your ticket booking business. You can offer a consistent and simple alternative to reserving a spot remotely through an application, and give your business an edge over friends with propelled business solutions.

Statista estimated that income in the occasion ticket booking fragment might reach $73424 million in 2019. This estimate brings up toward an incredible breadth in the matter of occasion ticket booking. You can promptly get the open doors offered by this part by deciding on occasion ticket booking mobile application development.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the significant features and development cost of a modified event ticket booking application. Organizations like Eventbrite and Ticketmaster have increased accomplishment and prevalence with the help of rich-featured booking applications. Time is perfect to meet the development needs of the online booking sector with the help of prestigious industry players.

Features of Ticket Booking Application

We can segregate the features of a ticket booking application in two categories. First one will comprise features considering the interface designed for users namely in the category of user panel features.

The second category will comprise features for the admin panel of the application including significant customization features. Let’s have a look:

Features of User Panel

Registration and Log-In

This is the primary component of any B2C application. The client can register either by telephone number or through social records. It can give you important data about the client like name, email id, and versatile number.


The client's location is found with the assistance of GPS innovation. The application shows data about close by occasions and projects dependent on the client's location. The client can likewise choose the location physically to continue.


This component empowers application clients to pick occasions or motion pictures by various choices like the spot, time, and audits.

Event Listing

The home screen shows the rundown of continuous and up and coming occasions just as motion pictures in a specific city or location. The application shows timings and spots of occasions based on filters applied by the application clients.

Event Listing

The home screen shows the rundown of continuous and up and coming occasions just as motion pictures in a specific city or location. The application shows timings and spots of occasions based on filters applied by the application clients.

Rating and Review

This element is explicitly for clients. Here the application clients give a survey and rating to the occasion in the wake of going to it. It is known as the client's statement.

Ticket Booking

Occasion ticket booking application advancement process empowers your application to send the eTicket and mTicket on the email address and portable number separately. As it were, the ticket booking feature affirms the booking and sends the ticket consequently.


Aside from booking, this element empowers the clients to download tickets. It is anything but difficult to get the physical ticket for the occasion or film.

Booking History

Your clients can see the historical backdrop of their appointments through this element. The booking history feature likewise goes about as a kind of perspective, particularly for standard occasions and projects.

Booking Screen

Occasion ticket booking application advancement administrations empower your clients to see their reservation and status of tickets on the booking screen. Likewise, with regards to choosing the seat, the booking screen can show them the ongoing vacant positions so clients can pick their preferred seat.

Moreover, you can likewise incorporate features like prizes for a dependability program and social media to empower your application clients to share their considerations through an interpersonal organization.

Features of Admin Panel

ticket booking app

Interactive & Customizable Dashboard

The dashboard is one of the most significant features for the Admin board. It gives an exhaustive gander at the application's presentation and gives unlimited authority of key activities. It additionally shows the constant examination like the download rate, occasions classification that gets the most extreme consideration, and such. The dashboard can be made adjustable for changing features and shading plan or text styles according to your plan of action.

Event Management

This is one of the most significant features of the Admin side. It empowers the administrator or the administration to include or alter occasions. They can alter the occasion or program subtleties additionally through this component. Furthermore, if some occasion is sorted out for a noble cause or a social program has unique paces of tickets, it is anything but difficult to educate the application clients through this component.

Push Notifications

It is anything but difficult to send customized notices and cautions to application clients through this element. In the event that the client has mentioned sending alerts for a specific occasion or program, this component empowers the administrator to send an alert with respect to the equivalent.

Booking Manager

This element keeps the administrator refreshed with the present booking circumstance. It likewise shows the planning of appointments for specific occasions and motion pictures.

Account Management

This element empowers the administrator to oversee income. You can promptly filter the income by date, clients, scene, location, and different parameters. You can check the genuine sum subsequently deducting the offers and discounts.

You ought to likewise add features important to oversee special offers, reward program, and ticket filtering in the administrator board. Additionally, you can take the help of occasion ticket booking application improvement administrations for incorporating propelled features like Google Map integration increasingly precise location discovering, brilliant quest for progressively broad inquiry, and coordinated schedule for recording alerts.

Significant Factors Estimating the Cost of Ticket Booking App Development

train ticket booking app

The development cost of any transformed business mobile application relies upon some basic elements. With regards to robust ticket booking applications, similar components decide the estimate of its cost.

Picking a Platform

platform choice is significant for the occasion of ticket booking mobile application development. You can pick the platform dependent on the area of an intended interest group. For instance, on the off chance that you need to address the audience of Asian and African smartphone customers, at that point you ought to go for an Android application. Be that as it may, it is smarter to go with iOS if your intended interest group dwells in the US or Europe. Android application development is costlier than iOS application development process. It is on the grounds that the iOS applications are tried on fewer devices however Android applications are tried on numerous devices. If financial support doesn't allow, the cross-platform application development stays a sensible yet powerful alternative to address an immensely inclusive audience.


Application's features decide its multifaceted nature. For instance, fundamental features with the primary structure are the qualities of a less mind-boggling application that can be created in a brief timeframe. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to incorporate complex features like social media and customization alternatives for clients, at that point your application turns out to be increasingly overwhelming and sets aside more effort to create. The application development cost is higher for a complex application and lower for a fundamental application.

Easy Integration of Features

Aside from essential features, you can think about coordinating extra, easy to understand features to make your application more engaging than its partners. For instance, you can coordinate the mobile wallet to meet a few payments effectively through occasion ticket booking application development administrations. In any case, at that point, this component is costlier than the combination of payment portals.

Time-Bound Charges

At the point when you employ mobile application engineers, their hourly rates matter. It is on the grounds that we locate an extraordinary variety in the hourly paces of engineers across various pieces of the world. The US and Canada-based application engineers charge anywhere between $150 to $250 per hour, while the wages of Indian application developers start from just $25 per hour.

This variety assumes an essential job in choosing the development cost particularly when you need to build up an element rich and complex application for your ticket booking business.

Duration for Accomplishing the Project

An occasion ticket booking application development organization chooses the expense based on the time required to fabricate an application. A vigorous and complex application can set aside more effort to create, and accordingly, it costs more when contrasted with a straightforward application.

feature incorporation and configuration significantly affect the application's development time. You need a convincing and outwardly engaging plan for your ticket booking application. It can build the development cost. In any case, you can show signs of development income over the period through such a drawing in application.

Significant Factors of Ticket Booking Development

movie ticket booking app in usa

Ticket-booking applications are created by the most experienced software developers. This empowers booking without challenges. To develop a robust web or mobile booking software, coming up next are the absolute prescribed procedures followed during the development procedure.


Research is the phase where any project begins. Designers meet with the intended interest group to talk about the features they need to be coordinated into the application. The most ideal approach to gain this kind of data is by utilization of overviews and meetings. The audience could be youngsters or more established grown-ups. They could likewise be experts, for example, directors, specialists, legal advisors, entrepreneurs, and etcetera.

Setting the Requirements

After adequate research is done, designers make a rundown of the considerable number of prerequisites required by clients. This is trailed by picturing them individually in the event of help, other competent developers are counselled. This is to guarantee that clients get the real item they were hanging tight for

Utilizing the MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

This is significant in each sort of development. It includes discharging the genuine application to the audience so as to decide if it's valuable to them or not. This is a decent method to test the application. The strategy will help the centre around the significant features required while decreasing development time and cost.

Client Feedback

You can get a ton of data with respect to your application through client input. This is utilized to make development simpler and increasingly fun. To gather input and the utilization information, the MVP strategy is utilized, or various clients are reached to talk about issues concerning the application.


This ought to be done in around a little while before the release date of the application in order to get wide customer engagement. Inability to do it productively will make the application development organization lose purchasers. Each bus, event, flight booking app development ought to follow the correct idea and configuration to forestall issues later on, for example, application crashes.


Conventional ticket booking has significantly transformed into a digitized form. With robust booking applications, ticket booking app has outreached customers more than ever before. A swipe on your mobile screen, tap on the payment button, and the travel reservation, film seats, reservation, and whatever that requires e-ticketing is done in just a few moments. Prestigious mobile app development companies have gone digital with their innovation and creativity to make ticket booking better than ever.

Online booking stages give clients easy accommodation and indulge in successful circumstances for the organizations too-where clients can make travel plans and reservations easily; entrepreneurs can screen their booking remotely and control everything (access to client information, payment data, limits, and bookings) through one application.

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