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Trending App Ideas For Startup to Launch

Owning a self-made company is a dream of many youngsters. The support and various aids from different organizations including the Government based ones have provided a push to the same. Hence to utilize this startup-friendly atmosphere more and more people are coming to the scene.

Apart from this, the upcoming entrepreneurs have understood the business aspect of trending mobile app ideas. The people out there are looking for apps that help to reduce costs, save time and thus smoothen their everyday lives.

Implementing such an idea is not simple as you think. As a beginner you need to first know the basics of how to create a mobile app. Or even you can consult a leading mobile app development company available in the market.

Also regarding the mobile app startup ideas, there are many helping guides or blogs out on the internet. Well, this blog is just an addition to the list. Hope it will be useful for the budding startup firms out there.

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Best Mobile App Startup Ideas in 2020

1. Live Video Streaming App

trending app ideas

This area is something that you can definitely look forward to, if you are planning to start a mobile app startup. Almost all the business we're going down during the Covid-19 lockdown. But the live streaming app, Zoom was the one that benefitted the most during this time. A lot of conferences and webinars were conducted for both Professional and personal purposes through this platform. The number of downloads of the app in various app stores increased and saw a huge rise.

Live Streaming app should try to include additional features that the present ones are lacking right now. You can provide a free version as well a paid version with exciting features.

2. Doctor Appointment App

trending app ideas 2020

With the arrival of the Corona pandemic, the hospitals are filled with Coronavirus patients. So it's not the proper time to visit them for other general health related issues. You may also get affected with Coronavirus if visiting the hospitals.

3. eLearning App

The entire world is in a lockdown situation and school and colleges are not able to conduct classroom based lectures. So the popularity and dependency of e-Learning Apps are increasing. Try developing an advanced eLearning app so that your startup can get some good business. Since there are a lot of competitors it's advisable to develop one with something that's different from the existing e-Learning apps.

4. COVID-19 Guidelines App

We have all been dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic for more than five months now. There are still people who are still unaware about the symptoms and how to deal with them efficiently. So a COVID-19 Guidelines App is a perfect solution for all these ones. You can try providing all the basic guidelines on how to identify the symptoms, things to be done etc through this mobile startup idea.

5. Grocery App

Grocery apps have always been a great mobile app idea for startups. Everyone loves to shop online by enjoying the benefits of sitting at home. The present situation also demands the same, due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Anyone can just purchase groceries and other everyday essentials through a click. So do develop a grocery shopping app for your startup business.

6. Taxi Delivery App

mobile app startup

The lockdown measures have been slowly relaxed, and the Government has begun to permit travelling between limited boundaries. So the taxi industry has begun to start their services. Even the public transport operations are being common now. But it's not safe to travel with a lot of people overcrowded in public transport. So people have begun to hail taxi services. Develop a taxi delivery app and you can offer the service to the various taxi services out there who are still depending on conventional methods to operate.

7. Language Learning App

The job sector is becoming complex nowadays. So in order to succeed in this competitive world acquiring new skills has become mandatory. Learning a new language gives a boost to your career and adds additional points in your resume. At present many leading language learning apps like Duolingo etc. But still this sector still provides immense opportunities for mobile app idea based startups. Create a language learning app that helps the users to easily learn a wide variety of languages.

Final thoughts

Developing a mobile app startup is a great idea. The returns and growth that this business can offer is beyond one's imagination. For all the IT enthusiasts out there, this is the perfect area that satisfies your business instincts. According to the leading statistical based data website, Statista, it is expected that in the year 2022 there will be more than 250 billion mobile app downloads around the world.

Today mobile apps have become a choice of even the common ones for meeting their daily requirements. The internet technology is also prevalent even in remote areas. So mobile app based startups can thrush in this environment if executed properly.

So do create a mobile app that you are interested in and offer them to the people out there. If you need any assistance you can contact an experienced mobile app development company in your locality. Or, also one can hire skilled mobile app developers in achieving the same!

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